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The Old Cloverdale Association is a 501(c)(3) Alabama nonprofit corporation whose stated purpose is to enhance the peace, comfort, welfare, and community of the Old Cloverdale area.

The Old Cloverdale Historic District was officially designated in 1996. It encompasses the vast majority of homes and businesses within an area spanning West to East from Norman Bridge Road to Narrow Lane Road and North to South from Felder Avenue to East Fairview Avenue. Historic designation ensures the architectural integrity of the structures within the district and seeks to preserve the character of this special neighborhood for its current and future residents.

Our neighborhood is home to the Cloverdale Entertainment District along East Fairview Avenue and Cloverdale Road with locally owned restaurants, pubs, specialty shops, art galleries, an independent arts cinema, and a volunteer, community theater.

If you desire a beautiful, walkable neighborhood with picturesque parks, historic homes, and friendly neighbors, we hope you will consider making our neighborhood, your neighborhood.

If we may be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact us at info@oldcloverdale.org or me directly at mayor@oldcloverdale.org.

Rob Hessee, Mayor
Old Cloverdale Association

Old Cloverdale is as much a state-of-mind as it is a physical place. It is huge magnolias, the scent of jasmine, and tea olive on spring evenings on porches. It’s the thirty-somethings meeting the seventy-somethings on the brick-paved streets circling Cloverdale Park.

F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald lived here during the Jazz Age. In 2003, Tim Burton filmed “Big Fish here. Jessica Lange, Danny DeVito, Steve Buscemi, Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, and Billy Crudup called Old Cloverdale home.

Cloverdale is Mayberry and Atlanta: it’s nightlife and quiet-life. Nestled in the very center of Montgomery, Alabama, Old Cloverdale is an Historic district protected by regulations designed to preserve the integrity of its architecture and its lifestyle.

Come see why Old Cloverdale is Montgomery’s preferred neighborhood and join OCA today



Old Cloverdale has more residents than you would first imagine, and we aren’t even counting the furry variety.



Montgomery has an average walk score of 26/100, but you’ll find the best walk score in Old Cloverdale.



Old Cloverdale is home to two shopping districts, Five Points and Cloverdale Village, which together form the Cloverdale Entertainment District.



Burgers, burritos, BBQ, pizza, salads, sandwiches, seafood, steak and more form the delightful culinary experience awaiting you in Old Cloverdale.



From architects to attorneys, from merchants to mechanics, and from designers to decorators, Old Cloverdale’s businesses are as varied as its residents and architectural styles.