The neighborhood of Old Cloverdale is a historic district.  This historic designation was granted on December 17, 1996 by Montgomery City Ordinance #49-96 and was primarily enacted to maintain and protect the charm, look, and character of Old Cloverdale.

Due to our historic designation, any proposed alterations to the exterior of a home (e.g., construction, paint color changes, major landscaping work, tree removal, driveway/parking pad additions, etc.) must be approved by the City of Montgomery’s Architectural Review Board (ARB).  This approval, along with the Certificate of Appropriateness issued by the City, must be obtained prior to beginning any work.

Outlined below is the basic workflow for proposed property enhancements:

  1. Design your project and prepare any supporting documentation (e.g., artist sketches, layouts, contractor drawings, etc.).
  2. Contact any Officer or Representative of the Old Cloverdale Association (OCA) to have your proposed work added to the agenda for the next meeting of the OCA.While this step is not required by the city, it is a smart step that advises the association of your plans and allows input from your neighbors prior to you presenting before the ARB.  If questionable (or unclear) work is proposed to the ARB, the ARB often refers residents back to their particular neighborhood association for clarification and discussion.
  3. Contact the City of Montgomery Planning Controls Division (334-625-2722) to begin the process of obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness, which is issued by the City of Montgomery Architectural Review Board.This will involve you (or your contractor/representative) attending and presenting your plan to the ARB at their next monthly meeting.  Additional information related to the ARB is located at their web site, accessible via the link above.
  4. Contact the City of Montgomery Building Department (334-625-2073) to verify if a building permit is required for your proposed work.  This department can also answer questions related to the necessary permits and associated fees.

The City of Montgomery provides a Historic District Brochure that gives residents an overview of this process as well.

The City of Montgomery also provides Historic District Color Palette Guidance that allows residents to preview colors that are already approved for use within our neighborhood.