Our neighborhood contains many historic homes and structures.  On your day-to-day journeys you have probably noticed homes with historic markers in their yards or attached to their homes.  These signs are issued by the City of Montgomery’s Historic Preservation Commission and are available for residences of historic significance.

Outlined below is the process for obtaining an historic marker:

  1. Determine the date your home was constructed. If a warranty deed or abstract is not available (or does not contain this information), you may contact Robin Rushing (334-206-3448) with the Montgomery Water Works and request the date water service was initially extended to the property.
  1. Complete an Historic Sign Application. This Historic Sign Application is available from the City of Montgomery web site.  The current cost of the sign is listed on the application.
  1. Contact Christy Anderson (334-625-2041) with the City of Montgomery Planning Controls Division to continue the process of obtaining the historic marker. Christy will ensure the application is complete and receive your payment for the historic marker.  The request must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission at their next meeting.  Your request will be added to their agenda and Christy will provide you with the date, time, and location of this meeting.
  1. You (or your representative) must attend the Historic Preservation Commission meeting and present your application.

Upon approval, it takes approximately two to three weeks for the sign to be prepared.