This triangular park is formed by the intersection of Norman Bridge Road, Fairview Avenue, and LeGrand Place. It is a gateway park for four historic neighborhoods: the Garden District, Cloverdale-Idlewild, Lower Hull Street, and Old Cloverdale.

The park is named for M. P. LeGrand Jr., one of the original principals of the South Montgomery Land and Development Company that in 1887 first attempted to develop what became Cloverdale

The centerpiece of the park is a circular sandstone fountain. Oaks, elms, sycamores and redbud have been planted in the park to supplement the aging, Spanish moss draped cedars. Cloverdale-Idlewild was once known as The Cedars.

The “Oklahoma Survivor Tree” was grown from an American elm acorn from the site of the Oklahoma City federal building, which was destroyed in 2002 by a terrorist bombing.